Before they strangle our freedom again!

Have this one in my head since last night now. I really like their accents and how the dialogue is so well embedded in the music. I liked this movie and even own in on DVD.

But if ACTA and other attempts of internet censorship go ahead, I will probably no longer be able to share the music in my head with you. We can all kiss goodbye to youtube, twitter and even facebook (although I’m guessing Zuckie will stay on top to make sure we still have our addiction)!

Have you ever heard of ACTA before? Well, I didn’t until it was brought to my attention last week. Apparently, the whole drafting of this agreement has been very secretive, which in my book makes it very undemocratic. Of course, what else coming from the US? To be fair, Japan is also in on it from the beginning but everyone knows Japan has struggles with national identity and is just a US puppet.

So ACTA. There was a widespread demonstration last Saturday in Europe. Of course that, all the Guy Fawkes masks put off many of us, me included. But don’t be fooled into thinking those activists simply have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon! Yes, they may look like they haven’t showered for weeks and squat somewhere in the city, but they were providing you and me with a much needed service! Demonstrating on the behalf of all of us cowards or ignorants of the event. I personally was in the first group. Demonstrating in London is scary and alone I just had no balls (or better yet, vagina, since it is a fact that balls are extremely sensitive and weak whereas vaginas “can take a pounding”, as Betty White puts it!).

Much like SOPA and PIPA, ACTA is something that will affect everyone (unless you live in a cave and have no internet access in which case you’re not reading this anyway so…). Yet, the “grown-ups” (a.k.a. the European Commission and the other negotiating partners) didn’t want to let the ones who will be most affected by this, the “little children” (a.k.a. EU citizens) in on the discussion. Of course, I’m sure they were following the secretive ways laid out by the land of the free government. Oh wait…

I believe the law exists to reflect the needs of society and not to enforce the greed of a few faceless corporations or governments. I believe rights holders are entitled to a fair amount of recognition for their work. But not at the costs of all of us.

If the majority of people have found a use to the internet that is considered (and I say that with great doubts) harmful to a few, what we need to do is not restrict that majority but work together to find a solution that works for everyone.

If the rulers of the World weren’t so ignorant about, well, everything, but particularly History, they would know what happens when you try to restrict a majority of people. Of course it works for a while, you see all those dictatorships succeeding for years! But eventually things burst.

Unless you’re the US government. In which case, you have succeeded in tricking your citizens into thinking they are free when in fact they are not. I don’t like it but I must say, well done Sir, well done. Makes your life so much easier when you can just restrict at will and the ones restricted don’t even notice or think those restrictions make them free. Talk about some serious brain-wash! Hollywood played no small part in that, so I assume that is why it has such a strong grip on governmental decisions. That and the huge amounts of cash it has, of course. Money rules the capitalist world after all…

But moving forward.

Why do we keep letting a minority push us around? Sure, they are better connected amongst each other than we are. We’re living pretty individualistic lives and mostly isolated in our own little worlds to care to cooperate with others like us. But well, internet has connected us. Has brought us together. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s what that minority fears. The power that internet has given all of us.

I am sitting alone in my living room as I write this. But in a few seconds I will post it on my facebook and twitter and, eventually, someone else, somewhere will read it.

Before, the effort involved in sharing your thoughts was much greater. You would have to leave the house or host gatherings to meet with people, try to get them together to listen to what you wanted to say. And even then it could take years before you would have a considerable audience, an audience large enough to make a difference.

Nowadays, any of us can send thoughts into the digital world that reach people we would have never had the opportunity to share our thoughts with otherwise. And I can see how that can be scary for some people and institutions!

Some companies and individuals with public lives have been smart enough to keep up to date and roll with the times. They realized that sites like youtube, facebook and twitter were a precious way for them to promote their products. By simply allowing ordinary people to share their views on them, they create the sort of publicity that is quite inexpensive and simple to achieve.

You find hundreds of people on youtube who receive items from different companies to review. I follow several youtubers and admit that I have been influenced by some of them into checking a product out. It’s like friends talk, but in a much larger scale.

All this will be over once ACTA is fully on around the World.

We Europeans have had a record of democracy and respect for individual rights for decades now. Lets not start following the wrong crowd shall we? It has only got us into trouble in the past and it will again…Just look at the example of Greece! If we continue to listen to whatever bullshit is coming from the other side of the Atlantic, things will go very, very wrong.

We are not like that. We are not greedy. We are not mindless of others. We care about each other. We will stay together. And we will stay strong!

So, take action now. Stop ACTA before all the freedom we have enjoyed with the internet is taken away from all of us.

Enough has been discussed without our input. If each one of us doesn’t tell our governments that we care, things will continue to be discussed behind our backs and this paternalist system will continue. If you care about your rights, now is not the time to keep it to yourself! We’ll have plenty of time to hide them when censorship is installed!



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