Ok, first, this guy is not at all who I expected him to be!!! I had never seen the video before or knew who the band was. I always imagined him African-American.

Anyway, not the point I wanted to make here. Just wanted to put my surprise out there.

So I am actually a bit anxious because tomorrow I have to do a series of tasks that scare me. They involve a lot of uncertainty regarding potential social situations and I simply need some support, any support! I was thinking of what song could I listen to to help and “Eye of the tiger” popped up 🙂

I find it extremely stimulating and have to say, listening to it, really made me feel better. Maybe was just watching the video that helped me distract. The good looks of the lead singer did play a small part in that distraction…So yay for music and videos!

Let’s just hope ACTA won’t end it all for me!!!


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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