Music: it’s a big part of it

Halo 4 is about to come out. No, I am not a gamer. I don’t own or ever played any of the Halos. I would like to one day, but I know I would probably get sucked into it and not stop ’cause that’s just who I am. But I like the story, the graphics, Master Chief’s armour…And the music! They always have beautiful music.


And I remember this one from a few years back. It’s beautifully achieved.


There is something interesting and attracting about the dissonance between the beauty of the music and the ugliness of war, death and destruction. When they create these videos using such beautiful music and yet such horrible images, there must be something in our brains that goes like “ugh? What’s going on? I need to check”. A certain curiosity arises.

Well, I think it does. What do you think? Do you feel like watching it until the end or stopping the video straight away?


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