Recently in my head

I have had a lot of music in my head lately!

The most recent is this one. One of my all-time favourite songs.

Not sure why it popped up this morning.

I like to think its success is due to a generational need to confirm it is ok to dance on your own. Not so much on your own in your living room but without being attached to a dance partner in the same way previous generations had danced. With the dance hall experience long gone by the early 80’s, dancing in a club without any particular pre-established steps was now the norm. Billy Idol just comes out with this song to say “Look at me, I’m super cool for early 80’s standards and I’m ok with enjoying the music and dance with myself. So you should be too”.

Clubbing was just starting to be what we know today and this song was just a reflection of that movement.

Yup, I like History so much I can work with it on pretty much anything! 🙂

And speaking of History of modern anglo-saxon music, this other song has also been in my head lately. The power of hindsight always brings me a sad smile, particularly on episodes like this. For this song represents, in my opinion, not only the naivety of a young couple but that of an entire generation and cultural movement.

And of course, following the concert on the 17th, a lot of the music in Karl Jenkins’ “The Armed Man: A mass for peace” has been popping up. I truly enjoyed singing this work. I didn’t think I would be able to because I hand’t been able to attend the rehearsals. But in the end I couldn’t stop myself from trying! It is just so beautiful I wanted to be part of it.

Here’s one of my favourites:


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