Royal Musical Tastes

I heard someone say the other day, before the Diamond Jubilee concert, that the Queen would probably prefer some classical music.

Actually, I don’t think that’s the case. This is just speculation from my side, of course, since I haven’t even done a google search on the topic but, why would anyone assume that because she’s the Queen she would automatically be attracted to that kind of music.

That isn’t to say she wouldn’t appreciate it. I mean, com’on, who wouldn’t? There’s beautiful classical music out there to enjoy. But I am more inclined to think the Queen prefers music that was popular during her youth. Everyone does. And there is absolutely no reason to believe this lady would be any different.

She surely will be inclined towards music that played when she was out and about in her wartime duties, or when her relationship with her husband was flourishing.

For instance, I personally think she likes this one:

Oh, we’ll never know. But one can speculate!


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