Music in your pet’s head

What do other animals hear when they hear human organized auditory stimuli (i.e., music)? Most likely not the same humans do since their nervous system is different.

But whatever he hears, my dog does recognize this song. For a couple of years it was the song that would play whenever the hubby called me, and, somehow Kenny picked up on that. I now have a different mobile and that song no longer plays when J calls.

But today I had this song in my head so decided to listen to it while I was working on my thesis. There was no unusual movement or sound, just me working on the computer and listening to some music, clicking away.

Kenny, who had been napping, immediately stood up when this song started to play and started walking around, trying to look out the window, smell the air for clues, making that little noise he makes when he anticipates the arrival of one of us…

I was impressed that he remembered! He used to react that way to this song, but it has been  at least a year since we last heard it!

His brain will not be able to process this song like mine does, but dogs can discriminate between different sounds and associate them to other stimuli. Whatever he hears with this, it is clear he expects to hear J’s voice shortly afterwards.

And I find that quite amazing, not in a “OMG Look at what my dog does” but more “Wow! It is incredible what brains can do, even if they’re quite small!”.



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