Gamar com style

The lyrics are inspired by the current political and governmental situation in Portugal. They congratulate the Prime-Minister and his government for their stealing style, in a reference to the ways the government is looking after their own interests instead of those of the wider Portuguese society.

On another note, I have alerted before to the risk of democratic suspension in Portugal. Another example occurred earlier this week while the prime-minister visited an university institute.

Allegedly, a student whistled and verbally abused the PM who felt so insulted (bizarre outcome #1), his security team – constituted by plain clothes police officers paid for by taxpayers – tracked down the student and intimidated him (bizarre outcome #2).

This was all on camera (except evidence of alleged offence), including the part where an officer tries to intimidate a cameraman from one of the main news channels to stop filming (bizarre outcome #3).

Finally, the director of the school, an individual who is a member of the same political party as the PM, initiated an intimidation campaign against the student (bizarre outcome #4).

Maybe it’s a result of being so far away but, to me, all this looks like an extremely bizarre set of events! 

The moment a Prime-Minister takes offence like that (and let’s keep in mind we’re not even sure of what the guy said), Democracy is suspended.

Since when do politicians take offence?

And since when did it become an issue for a citizen to express himself or herself?

There have been signs all throughout this year and this is just the latest. For months that I have been trying to alert to this fact. But, I guess no one really wants to believe this could really be happening!

All and all, the events in Spain last week and the subtle attempts to establish censorship and suspend democracy in Portugal, really do highlight the lack of democratic roots within the right-wing parties in Iberia!


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