Hymnus latinus

So, I heard today the Nobel Peace Prize this year went to the European Union.

There are some Eurosceptics out there but I am not one of them. The European project has been such a peace-keeping success, this price is completely deserved. Europe is, presently, all Schuman and others dreamt and more!

It’s so good, that there seem to be some who have forgotten that Srebrenica was just 17 years ago and Kosovo wars 13 years ago! How that could have spilled without the EU!

I am not going to argue in favour or against the timing. It would be like saying that the last two years overrode everything that happened, all the efforts and all the struggles, the 60 years prior!

I will say, however, that if there are Europeans out there who think this price wasn’t deserved, it’s only a sign that the European dream of peace has succeeded.

It is, however, a shame that people would take all we have achieved for granted, and ignore the role of the EU and its precursors in promoting and maintaining peace.

And this work hasn’t been just in Europe but so many other countries which are helped by the EU or by organisations supported by the EU to achieve non-violent solutions.

Sure, it has flaws. But it is undeniably the best system any group of humans has come up so far!

At no other time in History have so many different nations and cultures lived together in peace for so long. Make no mistake. The union is the only thing keeping war away from the old continent. 

So yes, happy to be European, happy for the EU, happy for all of us!


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