Help on what is really needed

In Portuguese we have a saying that goes something like “Good intentions is what hell is filled with”.

The campaign “Africa for Norway” stresses this point, in a way. It intends to raise awareness of how many aid campaigns are based on “good intentions” and not real needs, how fundraising exploits stereotypes and how media should be more responsible and respectful.

Africa for Norway campaign suggest media should reduce its negative bias and start reporting on real changes happening around the world. At the same time, they point out that it is important to learn how western countries have a negative impact in developing countries.

Above all, they note that Aid is not the only answer. Cooperation, investment and structural changes are essential to increase development.

Check out the video and go on the website to learn more about this campaign. Another saying we have in Portuguese is that “Knowledge doesn’t take up space” so go get yourself some!


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