Still funny after 25 years!

This 1968 animated film was viewed many, many times by my younger sister and I in the end of the 80s.

It was one of our favourite animated movies and my older sister would happily oblige. We had it recorded in VHS, of course, and gosh, did that tape got some wear out of it!

We watched in the original version, i.e. in French, and I don’t recall us bothering my older sister about what the characters were saying. Oh the joys of being a kid!

Not only did this help us get used to that foreign language, but I also grew up with this particular song in my head. It was only recently that I checked whether the lyrics my 5 year old brain picked out were accurate. Let me tell you, they weren’t too far but I did think the guy said “inteligence ça zero” go figure!

Today it popped up, not sure why, but it always makes me happy. I still think the whole situation is funny!


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