Songs that unify

I doubt that there is anyone who identifies as “Portuguese”and does not know this song. Young and old, we all know it.

We have many songs created during the dictatorship that speak of freedom and tell of the struggle for democracy. We all know them. But this one sits on top of all those.

I find it very interesting that these types of songs are very unique. They are not inspired by famous songs going around at the time, but instead events or people from the particular situation a nation, a people, is in.

Of course you can find these types of songs all around the world but the specifics of the song are always idiosyncratic. They belong to one people and no other.

Grândola Vila Morena is our song. It is not possible to pass it on to another country or another people. It belongs to the Portuguese people. Always the People.

I have spoken about Zeca Afonso’s work here many times. I have even shared this song before.

But I was very happy to watch these imagines from my country. Another civilized demonstration against this ridiculous government. I’m proud the Portuguese are standing up (even if those in the power seats refuse to listen and step down).

I also suspect that today, Zeca would have been proud that his song, his gift to us, to the Portuguese People, was used, once again, to unite us all.


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