Oh Eleanor…

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Beirut {Elephant Gun}

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A special song for a special dog!

People can be so creative through song! This one brighten up my day!

I dedicate it to my special dog 🙂


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Needless to say…

Humankind has achieved such greatness. Yet, more often than not, our displays of stupidity are in equal measure. Oh, the humanity!

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Santa Baby

When you grow up exposed to all these songs, it’s difficult not to have them pop up when you see stimuli associated with them, e.g. Christmas decorations in the supermarket! I can live with it when it’s this version, though…

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Still funny after 25 years!

This 1968 animated film was viewed many, many times by my younger sister and I in the end of the 80s.

It was one of our favourite animated movies and my older sister would happily oblige. We had it recorded in VHS, of course, and gosh, did that tape got some wear out of it!

We watched in the original version, i.e. in French, and I don’t recall us bothering my older sister about what the characters were saying. Oh the joys of being a kid!

Not only did this help us get used to that foreign language, but I also grew up with this particular song in my head. It was only recently that I checked whether the lyrics my 5 year old brain picked out were accurate. Let me tell you, they weren’t too far but I did think the guy said “inteligence ça zero” go figure!

Today it popped up, not sure why, but it always makes me happy. I still think the whole situation is funny!

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Human – The Killers

In my head for a couple of days now…

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This one is in my head since last night. But not the entire version, just the alto part with some bits of everyone else’s part here and there. That’s what happens when you sing a song instead of just listening to it!

In fact, I now find the complete version extremely difficult to listen to as all sections combined disturb my knowledge of the song just for the part I learned.

In any case, it is a beautiful song, whether you’re singing or listening to it.

The complete version:

And the alto version:


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(Very) Old Music Memories

This one popped up this morning!

Gosh! It’s been years (no, really!).

Behold, the Portuguese version of Sesame Street!

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Music: connecting people since the dawn of time…

Today music is helping me stay connected to a time, a place, and a culture.

While I work, I’m listening to the CD of a concert I went to back in April 2008 (what?! That long ago already? Geesh!).

I’ve mentioned David Fonseca’s concerts before. They help me stay connected with a time, a place and a collective memory.

This makes me feel that no matter how far I am or how long I stay away for, I will always be able to connect through these memories shared with so many other Portuguese people.

Glad that’s one of Music’s many functions!

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