Choir Singing Experience Questionnaire

I am working on developing a questionnaire on the main effects of singing on psychological, bodily and social aspects of human nature.

For those who sing – and most of us will at least do it in the shower (!) – the benefits of doing so seem quite obvious. From mood enhancement to bonding and cooperation with others, we do it because it makes us feel good overall.

Even a declaration of  “I know I can’t sing, I was told I couldn’t as a child” is usually followed by “But I actually quite like doing it”. Maybe most of us fall in this group. But that doesn’t mean we simply don’t sing. We might refrain from joining the nearest choir, band or take part in the pub’s karaoke night, but odds are we still sing at home, alone or with close friends and family, just for fun, or we go to concerts with our friends and join hundreds of others in singing our favourite songs, or a series of other alternatives we end up finding just to engage in this activity that we feel so attracted to but actually know so little about the effects it has on us.

Scientifically speaking there is very little understanding of what is happening while we are singing. What seems to be clear is that something is happening at different levels – emotional, physical, psychological, social, sometimes even spiritual – while people are singing. It is this multiplicity of effects that most of the time seems to translate into an overall sense of well-being.

I have now initiated the stage where I ask people who are members of a choir to rate their agreement/disagreement with several statements that may reflect their experience of group singing. These statements were derived from the initial survey where several choir singers described their typical singing rehearsal and performance. The aim of this study is to find out which items best describe the group singing experience and would best fit in the Choir Singing Experience Questionnaire.

The online survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes to answer and the only request is that it is filled out as soon as possible after a singing session (rehearsal or performance) that lasted for at least 1 hour.

If you are a choir singer and would like to contribute to this study, you can access the online version here.

If you would like to request a hard-copy or have any questions regarding this study please email me at the following address:

Thank you! I look forward to hear from you!


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