Well-Being Survey

This survey is now closed.

Thank you all who took part! I hope to report on this very shortly!



This survey is now opened.

Being healthy no longer simply means that we’re not sick or ill. In the past few decades, we have come to realize that health does not need to be solely looked at from the point of view of the pathology-focused biomedical model. We now want to see health from a positive point of view, where the definition of health is much more complex than simply saying “absence of disease”.

Well-being is a key factor in this way of looking at health. We have learnt that even when we do fall sick, our recovery is determined to a great extent by the status of our previous physical and mental health. We therefore want to know what it is to be and feel well. 

We are also curious to know what we can do to achieve and maintain such positive states. We know already about the effects of exercising or eating our veggies, but what about other activities such as singing?

To answer this question, I am hoping that people with an assortment of experiences with singing will share their views on their own well-being.

That means, I am hoping you will share your views. Here’s a link to the survey where you can do so. You don’t have to be a singer to participate.

The survey is anonymous and should take something between 15 and 30 minutes. Please note this is just an estimate. I have actually tested it in less time but as some people take longer than others, I just wanted to give an upper limit. I realize it can be a long time to commit but I hope you can find some time to help me with this.

This will be the last study for my PhD and I would truly appreciate it if you consider participating as I greatly need your help to conclude this project.

Leave me a comment or email me at r.bento280@canterbury.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Once again, here’s the link to the survey

Thank you!


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